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NATA 2024 In-Person Registration Terms and Conditions

NATA 2024

These are the key terms and conditions related to attending the 75th NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo (NATA 2024). By registering for NATA 2024, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth below. If you are completing the registration on behalf of another individual, you warrant that you have made the attendee or participant aware of these terms and they acknowledge that you are accepting these terms and conditions on their behalf.

Registrants must accept these terms and conditions during the registration process.

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Registrants are required to acknowledge and agree to comply with the NATA conduct and non-discrimination policies.



Cancellation/refund requests must be sent via email to and will be processed no later than four weeks after the last day of the convention. Refunds are credited back to the original payer via the method they were received.

Full Refund
Through May 20, 2024
Full Refund Less $50 Fee
May 21-June 10, 2024
No Refund
After June 10, 2024*

*Illness or death in the immediate family are mitigating circumstances considered for refunds if written request is received no later than 10 days after the last day of convention.


No-Show Policy

In-person no-show registrants will not be automatically converted into on-demand registrants due to the price difference between the in-person and on-demand events. If the registrant pays the difference between the in-person and on-demand rate (at the time they registered), they will be converted to an on-demand registration with the ability to earn CEUs. Otherwise, they forfeit their registration and all rights.



Although there is no charge for guests and children, they must be registered to attend. A child release form must be completed during the registration process for children ages 17 and younger. Access to the AT Expo requires age verification; see process below.

AT Expo Age Verification Process

To be eligible for entry into the AT Expo, a birth certificate must be presented for each child age 0 to 12 months and 16 to 17 years old. A photo ID showing date of birth can be substituted for the birth certificate for children 16 to 17 years old. Entry won’t be permitted in the absence of a birth certificate or photo ID.

Birth certificates may be uploaded during the registration process, emailed to or provided on-site at the Member Services Counter in the registration area. Adult guests and children age 16 and older will receive a convention badge. A child verification card will be issued for children age 15 and younger.

What Can My Guest Attend?

AT Expo
Educational Programming
75th Celebration Reception
Opening Sessions
Infant (0-12 months)
Child (1-15 years)
Child (16-17 years)
Adult Guest (18+ years)

*Age as of the start of convention (June 25, 2024).
All guests must be accompanied by a registered adult. Infants must be carried. No strollers permitted.

Other Age Restrictions

  • For liability and insurance reasons, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed on the AT Expo floor during setup/tear down.
  • Alcoholic beverages will be served at some convention events. No one under the age of 21 will be permitted to consume alcohol in accordance with the law.


Badge Reprints

For the safety and security of all convention attendees, NATA doesn’t offer badge reprints.


Convention Attire

We strongly encourage participants to dress in a manner befitting professionals while attending educational events and the AT Expo. Business casual – shirts, slacks, skirts and blouses (no jeans or shorts) – is the recommended attire.

Learning Lab participants should wear something comfortable they can move freely in for the Learning Lab and return to business casual afterward.



Registration entitles you to admission to only official NATA 2024 events and associated events, if applicable. All other costs associated with your participation – including, without limitation, travel, accommodation, visa, lodging, etc. – shall be borne solely by the registrant.


Important Housing Information

Convention Management Resources (CMR) is the only official housing provider. CMR and NATA are two separate entities. Hotel cancellation policies will differ and hotels won’t be notified of your registration cancellation. Contact the housing company directly for any questions regarding your hotel reservations. NATA will not be held liable for any fees associated with failing to cancel hotel reservations.


Event Cancellation

If for any reason NATA cancels or substantially shortens NATA 2024, or a portion thereof, the registrant agrees its sole remedy is the return of all or a portion (as applicable) of the registration fees already paid. NATA will endeavor to inform registrants of substantial changes in programming that may affect travel plans in a reasonable amount of time after any such changes are made final. Notwithstanding the preceding, registrants will be responsible for cancellation of travel arrangements, housing, visa and any other arrangements and NATA shall not be liable to pay any applicable cancellation or other fees or damages incurred as a result.



Registration fees for NATA 2024 are due upon registration or at badge pickup. If payment is insufficient or declined for any reason, NATA won’t provide an attendee badge and shall have no liability in that regard.


Visa Requirements

It’s solely the attendee’s responsibility to comply with any government visa requirements and failure to do so doesn’t constitute a basis for a refund.



By attending NATA 2024, you agree to obtain all appropriate licenses and rights to use copyrighted materials and other intellectual property owned or controlled by third parties prior to using such materials and property during the convention, including, but not limited to, while on the premises of the venue(s) hosting the convention.


Prohibited Conduct


By registering, you agree not to share, transfer, sell or trade your badge for access to restricted areas with any other attendee or exhibitor. If you violate this policy, NATA may cancel your registration, remove you from the premises, retain any payments and take any other action it deems appropriate.



Except for services ordered through the official photographer, exhibitors must have prior written approval from the organizer for any photographing, videotaping or audio-taping activity in the exhibit hall. If an exhibitor request is approved by the organizer, a security guard must be hired at the exhibitor’s expense to accompany any camera crew for videotaping within the exhibitor’s booth space. By participating in the AT Expo, exhibitor personnel consent to the photographing and videography of individuals, companies and exhibit booths by the organizer and the media that may be used in all forms for all purposes, including any advertising, trade or commercial purposes.



Unauthorized solicitation in the AT Expo is prohibited. Any unauthorized non-exhibiting manufacturer or suppliers observed to be distributing information or soliciting business in the aisles, an exhibitor’s booth or public area in or around the Morial Convention Center and contracted hotels will be required to leave immediately and may be subject to other actions NATA deems appropriate.



No exhibitor or non-exhibiting supplier may hold a competitive event at the Morial Convention Center or contracted hotels for the purpose of promoting to NATA 2024 attendees during show hours without the express written consent of NATA. If an exhibitor or non-exhibiting supplier is found holding a competitive event, they will be asked to cancel the competing event. NATA reserves the right to remove the exhibitor from the show, revoke admission from any registered employees and remove any record of the exhibitor from any show materials without any refund or remedy of fees paid or owed or accepting liability for lost fees/revenue of canceling the competing event, among other actions NATA may take.



The Morial Convention Center promotes a smoke free environment for its customers and employees. Smoking and vaping are prohibited within the facility. These include exhibit halls, lobbies, food service areas, public and service corridors and restrooms. Designated smoking areas located on the back dock are for contractors, labor and NOEMNCC staff only. Event attendees aren’t permitted on the dock or in this smoking area. Smoking for exhibitors and attendees is allowed outside only in front of the facility.



If you need to report a safety or security risk, go to the registration area. If you need to report a security risk within the Morial Convention Center, you may dial 504-582-3040 from your personal phone to reach 24-hour campus security.



Personal belongings should not be left unattended anywhere in the Morial Convention Center. Unattended items are subject to removal by security. NATA is not responsible for unattended items that are destroyed, damaged or stolen. The lost and found is located in the registration are.


Privacy Policy

NATA is committed to protecting the privacy of its attendees. The full privacy policy is available on the NATA website. NATA shall use provided information to send important event information, create badges and validate attendance. During the registration process, registrants can opt in to receiving communications from exhibitors about exhibitor products and services. Registrants may unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

Registrants must accept these terms and conditions during the registration process.