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NATA 2024

The NATA Convention Program Committee has developed a strong educational program that features a variety of learning formats. This year, expanded hands-on Learning Labs and Interactive Lectures (PDF) will be offered exclusively to in-person attendees.

While there will be a wide variety of topics presented in New Orleans, the NATA Convention Program Committee has identified two key themes for NATA 2024 Convention:

Health Care Administration: This theme is focused on topics related to the policies, procedures, operation and oversight of health care facilities and providers.

Performance Recovery: This theme is focused on strategies to enhance physical and mental recovery and improve performance.

Sneak peek at some hands-on and interactive learning sessions:

What to know about 

During the 75th NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, attendees will have the opportunity to earn up to 15 CEUs while in New Orleans plus 5 additional CEUs from never-before-seen sessions on-demand. These sessions will be available to in-person attendees only, along with all of the NATA 2024 On-Demand educational programming.

NATA 2024

In-person attendees will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of learning formats, such as Learning Labs, Lectures, Forums and Interactive Lectures, during which presenters engage attendees by including videos, demonstration, small group discussions and/or interactive polling.

A new Blended Learning Lab format is also available where attendees can complete the lecture portion asynchronously prior to convention and experience a two-hour lab on-site. Pre-registration is required for this event and must be completed by June 24 in order to be admitted into this session. There is an additional $15 fee. Capacity for this session is 150.

Free Communications Program oral presentations allow for quick chunks of learning to happen with six-minute presentations. The Free Communications Program posters will be displayed on-site along with the chance to chat with poster presenters. The posters allow the opportunity to learn about the latest in athletic training research.

Learning Formats Chart

# of Speakers
Additional Fees/CEUs
*Advanced Track
4 hours
6 hours
Lecture and lab
55 minutes
Interactive Lecture
55 minutes
Lecture with engagement triggers
*Blended Learning Lab
1 hour prework,
2 hours on-site
Asynchronous lecture and lab
*Learning Lab
2 hours
Lecture and lab
55 minutes
Lectures and facilitated discussion
Free Communications – Oral
6 minutes
Up to 8
Free Communications – Poster

*Limited seats available

BLended Learning Lab

1 hour lecture in NATA EducATe / 2 hours hands on during NATA 2024 onsite

Thursday, June 27

12:45 to 2:45 P.m.

ADVANCED AIRWAY MANAGEMENT: Moving beyond basic interventions and their integration within patient management

Ed strapp, fp-C, nrp, atc (Asynchronous and in person speaker)

Darryl Conway, ma, lat, ATc, university of Michigan (in person speaker only)

Keywords:  Emergency Care, Airway Adjuncts, supraglottic airways

While basic airway adjuncts are an effective means of controlling a compromised airway; their application by certified athletic trainers has not been common practice in sports medicine or trauma care due to a variety of educational and implementation concerns. When a critical event occurs, the athletic trainers are often times the first medical providers on the scene and athletic trainers must be knowledgeable and skilled in managing these emergent situations until emergency medical services arrive. However, cognitive knowledge is not the only necessary prerequisite. Understanding the role of and interrelatedness of advanced emergency airway procedures is paramount as well as understanding the critical interventions for patient care and airway management. Failure to provide immediate and appropriate care due to a lack of knowledge or emergency equipment may be cause for negligence. The session examines the evidence for, application of, and interrelatedness of Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilations and progressive airway interventions: (1) Nasopharyngeal, (2) Oropharyngeal, and (3) Supraglottic airway adjuncts.

·    Examine and discuss the current scientific guidelines and treatment recommendations regarding prehospital airway management of the injured athlete.

·    Identify and discuss the current evidence for the use of and the interrelatedness of emergency airway management equipment in the prehospital setting.

·    Compare and contrast the roles, characteristics, and advantages /disadvantages for progression from basic to advanced airways in the prehospital setting.

NATA 2024 On-Demand

Those who are unable to attend the 75th NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in New Orleans can register for the NATA 2024 On-Demand to access select recorded content and the NATA Research & Education Foundation Free Communications Program poster presentations. NATA 2024 On-Demand registrants will be able to view sessions, complete assessments and earn up to 20 CEUs. (On-demand registrants won’t have access to the five never-before-seen bonus sessions that will be offered exclusively to in-person attendees.)

Statements of Credit

NATA provides Statements of Credit post-event. An email will be sent to all attendees eligible for CEUs, with instructions on how to access and print their Statement of Credit. It’s the attendee’s responsibility to confirm their statement is accurate. It’s also the attendee’s responsibility to report hours actually spent in the educational programming.

If you have a question about your statement, email