Learning Formats & CEUs

Earn up to 25 CEUs by attending all 3 days of NATA 2020

We heard you.

You want more hands-on learning. Too much overlap and two-hour lectures prevented you from getting the variety of education you need from convention.

So, we changed it.

In April, the NATA Convention Program Committee voted to change the length of lecture sessions to enhance learning experiences for NATA convention attendees. This change aligns with learning industry data that shows shorter blocks of learning actually lead to greater learning.

Starting with NATA 2020 in Atlanta, lecture sessions will be 55 minutes. This new shorter format will allow attendees to attend more sessions and reduce the number of concurrent sessions. Plus, we increased the available number of Learning Labs by 50%!

NEW! Learning Formats

Format Length # of Speakers Max Attendance Type Add’l Fee/ CEUs
Advanced Track Seminars 4 or 6 hours 1-5 100 Lecture & Lab; Case Studies Yes/4 or 6 CEUs
Minicourses 1 hour 1 Room Capacity Lecture Yes/1 CEU
BOC-Approved EBP Programs 55 minutes 1-2 Room Capacity Lecture No
Lectures 55 minutes 1-2 Room Capacity Lecture No
Learning Labs 2 hours 1 150 Lecture & Lab No
Forums 2 hours 1-3 Room Capacity Lecture & Facilitated Discussion No
Free Communications – Oral 15 minutes 1 Room Capacity Lecture No
Free Communications – Rapid Fire 8 minutes 1 Room Capacity Lecture No



Of the 25 CEUs available to earn at NATA 2020, there is a potential for five of them to be Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) category CEUs.

There are currently 6 educational sessions at convention eligible for EBP CEUs, some of which run concurrently, so registrants will be able to attend up to five of the six events and earn up to 5 EBP CEUs.

To receive EBP CEUs, participants must complete an online evaluation for each EBP educational session attended. Each day during convention, eligible attendees with confirmed attendance will receive an email containing links to the evaluations for that day’s educational sessions. These emails will be sent to the email address used to register for convention.

Completed evaluations must be submitted by July 31 to receive EBP CEUs. Participants are encouraged to complete the evaluations as they are received each day to ensure they are completed on time. If evaluations are not submitted by the deadline, participants may claim Category A CEUs for the event. Your convention registration number will be needed to complete the evaluation. If the evaluation emails don’t make it to your inbox, check your junk/spam folder. If you do not receive the evaluation, email knowledgeinitiatives@nata.org with the email address to which you need the evaluation links sent. It is the attendee’s responsibility to let NATA know if they don’t receive the evaluation emails prior to the July 31 deadline. After you complete the evaluation, you will receive an email listing the sessions you rated. Be sure to complete the evaluation(s) for any EBP session(s) you wish to claim.

Statements of Credit

In line with BOC requirements, NATA provides statements of credit post-event. After the evaluation period closes on July 31, an email will be sent to all confirmed attendees eligible for CEUs, with instructions on how to access and print their statement of credit. This email will be sent by mid-August.

It is the attendee’s responsibility to check their statement of credit, upon receipt, to confirm it is accurate. If you have a question about your statement, email knowledgeinitiatives@nata.org.

Are you ready?