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 The VNATA 2021 Educational Program will offer more than 70 educational sessions and the opportunity to earn up to 25 CEUs including 8 EBP sessions. Attendees will have access to VNATA live sessions June 22 –  June 24, 2021 and on-demand session from June 24 – September 30, 2021.

View the VNATA 2021 Preliminary Program

VNATA 2021 goes live June 22 with live educational programming, AT Expo, Free Communications Posters, and peer engagement opportunities and events.  On-demand educational programming begins June 25 with live exhibits, posters, and peer engagement opportunities continuing through September 30.

See the Schedule page for a detailed schedule of live education and events taking place June 22-24.

Assessments/CEUs/Statements of Credit

Your participation in each session is tracked and you must view a session in its entirety in order to take the assessment and earn CEU credit. 
A link to access your statement of credit will be sent to the email address you used for your VNATA login by mid-October.

The VNATA 2021 Educational Program includes focus on three themes:

Ergogenic Aids

This theme is focused on disseminating information on techniques and/or substances used for the purpose of enhancing performance.

Mental Wellness

This theme is focused on techniques and strategies to enhance emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Emergency Preparedness/Response

This theme is focused on policies, strategies, and procedures that can be implemented by athletic trainers to mitigate the impact of an emergent event.

Educational Session Formats

Session formats for VNATA 2021 will include:


Offered both live and on-demand, these lecture sessions will cover a wide range of topics and include subject matter experts available to answer your questions during the live sessions.

Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) lecture sessions incorporate the newest evidence into clinical decision making, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. VNATA 2021 educational programming offers eight different EBP lecture sessions.

Free Communications Oral Presentations

The NATA Foundation’s Free Communications program, is often the first chance an AT has to present their research and clinical case studies on a topic during the VNATA. The Free Communications program provides a forum for researchers and clinicians to disseminate research and clinical case studies. Each Free Communication session will feature up 9 presenters.


Offered live June 22-24, forum sessions will feature live discussion with subject matter experts and attendees. Attendance will be limited to the first 49 attendees to allow for productive and focused discussion. These sessions will offer up to 1 Category A CEU.

Athletic Training Student Seminar

The Athletic Training Student Seminar (ATSS) is coordinated by the NATA Student Leadership Committee. The goal of the 2021 ATSS is to provide students with the education, knowledge, and resources to advance within the athletic training career. 2020 was a year of change; changing the way we deliver health care from the location in which athletic trainers work to how we manage infection control.

Speaker Videos

Click the square in the bottom right of the video to expand the video to full screen. Press Esc to leave full screen mode.

Jennifer Ostrowski, PhD, LAT, ATC_Recognizing & Managing a Potentially Suicidal Patient

Adam Lepley, PhD, ATC_Network Connectivity Problems Exploring the Link Between Mental Wellness and Neurophysiological Function A

Johna Register-Mihalik, PhD, LAT, ATC_Mind the Gap! Updating Recommendations To Keep Members Informed

Matthew S. Ganio, PhD_Energy Drinks & Other Caffeinated Products Any Evidence To the Hype

Robert Huggins, PhD, LAT, ATC_Enhancing Health and Safety for Secondary School Athletics Grants, Initiatives, and Resources from

Rod Walters, DA, ATC_Preventing Sudden Death in Exertional Conditions in Sport